Information for Parents

Strong home/school partnerships;

A strong partnership exists between school and home, which is vital for good learning outcomes. We have an open-door policy to parents in Shinrone National School and we value parental input. Parent-Teacher meetings take place in November each year . Regular meetings take place in the case of pupils receiving School Support and School Support Plus. We have a Welcome Day for the parents of incoming Junior Infants in May. We communicate with parents/guardians via the Aladdin App and our school website/blog.

We are very appreciative of the support which parents/guardians give to the school and to the school’s various activities. We encourage you to: Take an active part in the Parents’ Association. Read notes/letters taken home by the children.

Check homework and sign it every night. Return forms promptly. Come to the class teacher/Principal if you have any concerns regarding school. Do not discuss concerns/school matters with the teacher in the presence of your child. Be positive in your attitude to school.

Download the Information for New Parents Booklet here.

School Uniform

The children have a choice of wearing either the school uniform as detailed below or the school tracksuit which is available from Maloney’s Sports Shop, Roscrea.

If your child cannot tie laces, shoes with a Velcro fastener will enable him/her to change quickly and independently.

Please label all your children’s clothes and belongings clearly!

Junior and Senior Infants

All Junior and Senior Infants go home at 2 o’clock. If there are any special collection arrangements please let us know by note.

First 2 Weeks: To ease the children gently into school life, the Junior Infant children will go home at 12pm for the first two weeks in September


All pupil absences must be explained by written note to the teacher. This information may be required by the Child and Family Agency, TUSLA. Please note that the school is legally obliged to inform TUSLA if any child is absent in excess of 20 days. Your child will be removed from the roll book if absent for a continuous consecutive 3 weeks

Sick Children

Do not send your child to school if he/ she is sick as they will not be allowed to stay in during break periods due to supervision regulations. Also it is unfair on other children as the risk of contagion is high in a crowded classroom.

Collection and Drop-Off

At 2pm the children will be escorted to the gate. Make sure that your child always knows who is collecting him/her at all times. If it is necessary to allow children home during school hours a parent/ guardian must provide a written note and the person collecting them must do so by personally signing the child out of class.

As soon as possible in September, try to leave your child at the gate in the morning in order to promote independence. Children will line up in their class groups in the yard before the bell rings.


When dropping off and collecting children, do not park out side the school on the bus lane, disability parking bay, or on the zig zag lines as these areas must be kept clear for health and safety reasons. Parents/guardians are requested to park in the Community Centre Car park at all times.

In the interest of safety and security, access to the classrooms is restricted during the school day. Once the children are in school in the morning, parents/guardians are reminded to call to the office instead of going to the classroom. It also minimises disruption to the children


Lunch is available free of charge in the school. We have children in our school with severe nut and egg allergies so please be mindful of this if your child wishes to bring his/her own lunch.

Health and Safety

As part of health and safety in the school, we encourage regular washing of hands, particularly around eating time and after toilet use. We are not however always able to oversee this so please remind your child of its importance. Unfortunately germs and viruses spread very quickly in a classroom environment so it is vital that the children are encouraged to use a tissue when blowing their nose and to cover their mouth and turn away when coughing.

If your child develops any contagious illness such as chickenpox, please keep him away from school until the period of contagion is over and inform his teacher immediately. We recommend that you check your child regularly for head lice which is highly contagious, treat immediately if they occur and inform the teacher so that notification of possible risk may be sent out to other parents.

All information regarding your child’s health is treated in the strictest confidence.

Occasionally your permission will be required for dental, eye or other health examinations.