Shinrone N.S. community worked hard during school year 2019/20 to raise 40,000 euro to purchase an additional half acre of land to increase playground space for pupils currently enrolled and for future generations. We ran this Fundraiser locally with house-to-house calls and every local business was approached. We are extremely thankful to all of our benefactors and friends who helped us secure this purchase.

Our next step is to develop an all-weather, wheelchair-friendly surface at our school so that all of our pupils can play outside all year round.

We have worked hard to secure a partial grant under the Sports Capital Programme for this purpose. Unfortunately, the grant we have secured (27,000 euro) falls very far short of the total cost of installing an all-weather, wheelchair friendly astroturf (120,442 euro). The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly hampered our ability to fundraise and being a school, we are unable to secure a bank loan.

Having exhausted all avenues locally with regard to securing the funding that we need, we are now looking further afield at larger businesses that may be in a position to help us make our dream a reality. A Commemorative Wall is currently being built at our school commemorating the benefactors who have helped us to date with this project. This wall will be a lasting testament to all those who helped our school achieve our goal.

If you know of a business who might be in a position to help us out, the bank details for our Fundraising campaign are as follows: IE73BOFI90439275380167 &; the account name is Shinrone N.S. Pitch Development.

Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration.

Shinrone NS Fundraising Committee