A Caring Christian Atmosphere


We are a school committed to the implementation of Restorative Practice

Our School

Shinrone Mixed National School is a five teacher co-educational school situated in the village of Shinrone, Co. Offaly. Our school operates under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Killaloe. Our school's catchment area encompasses the greater part of Shinrone parish which straddles the two counties of Offaly and Tipperary. Our school receives additional resources under the Rural band of DEIS.

The school was built in 1975. A major extension comprising of two classrooms, a corridor and a disability toilet was officially opened in 2009. A further extension to our Universal Access Corridor and the addition of a disability washroom with ceiling hoist commenced in the summer of 2018 and was completed by Easter 2019.

We have two rooms dedicated to SEN; a Reading Recovery room and a Nurture Room. The school has a large hard court/garden to the front and playing pitches to the rear. We are currently in the process of purchasing an additional half acre of land in order to extend the playing facilities for children currently enrolled and for future generations of children.


Develop an environment where we can grow together, helping own another to make friends, learn interesting subjects and have fun! 

Diversity & Unity

Meeting people from all walks of life and cultures makes us as individuals become stronger as a whole. What Shinrone NS aims to provide is an environment that allows us all to interact and learn the fundamentals of life, spirituality and the sciences and as a educational community we can deliver exceptional content that allows our children to grow into informed adults as they grow older.