ICT in Shinrone NS

ICT in Shinrone NS;

We have created a digitally rich environment in our school with the purchase of ten iPads and a syncing tray for whole school use in recent years. These iPads are available for group work in each classroom.

In 2018, we installed WiFi, we upgraded our Interactive Data Projectors and teacher laptops. In October 2019, we purchased a permanent iPad for each classroom as well as an iPad for SEN use.

Today we use Digital Technology to aid learning (For example, all pupils are registered on IXL.com for Literacy and Numeracy), for assessment (voice recordings, video recordings and ePortfolios), for communication with parents and for School Self Evaluation (gathering data through Google forms).

All classes update their own classroom activities onto the school blog. Going forward, we wish to develop further the existing positive attitude to digital technology that exists in our school.

We hope to increase the number of devices in order that every classroom will become an IT suite wherein teachers will have more scope to create more innovative teaching and learning experiences and assessment methods.


Develop an environment where we can grow together, helping own another to make friends, learn interesting subjects and have fun!

Diversity & Unity

Meeting people from all walks of life and cultures makes us as individuals become stronger as a whole. What Shinrone NS aims to provide is an environment that allows us all to interact and learn the fundamentals of life, spirituality and the sciences and as a educational community we can deliver exceptional content that allows our children to grow into informed adults as they grow older.

OUR CORE VALUES: We are a school committed to the implementation of Restorative Practice

Shinrone National School understands the importance of providing your children with an exceptional school facility & highly trained teachers.

We ensure that you are taken along with your child's journey into education through a number of different events which you can view on our Parent Association Page.

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